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Rainbow Red Rock Roadrunner

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Roadrunner fanny pack, hip satchel, hands free purse! Amazingly fast and light!

The Rainbow Roadrunner is a pairing of Falcon Cove by Pendleton® and the luscious cognac brown. 

Falcon Cove is extremely hard to find as Pendleton does not sell it by the yard. Rare and beautiful~perfectly rainbow. 

8.25” wide x 5.5” tall x 1” deep. Perfect for a phone, wallet, keys, & chapstick. Adjustable removable strap.
Strap length plus bag is 30”-45”.

If you would like a petite strap instead (25"-40") please add a note at checkout.

This leather is meant to distress as it gets used. It takes on the story of what it experiences which is why I call it “storyteller” leather. I love anything that comes with a story. 

Please note that leather is an organic type material. Meaning that many things happened to the leather in its previous incarnation as a live animal. Bug bites, scars, & brands are normal occurrences and add to the uniqueness and beauty of the hide. I never select parts of the hide that are damaged or have holes however, these other unique characteristics may be present.

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